Our Production

A One-stop Supplier to Support Your Phone Repair Business

For screen repair, we provide OCA Laminating Machine, Separating Machine, OCA Glue, etc.

For back cover glass repair, we provide Laser Separating Machine, Back Cover Protection Mould, etc.

For reducing screen protector inventory, we provide Screen Protector, Screen Protector Cutting Machine, etc.

For people without cell phone repair experience, we provide free detailed repair tutorials and repair videos.

For cell phone accessories, you can get wholesale prices by contacting us, including phone screen, phone cable, protective film, etc.

Products include the following:

1. Mobile phone screen for iphone repair and phone screen repair

2. cell phone screen protector: iphone protector screen, samsung galaxy screen protector ,phone screen protector, lens protector, screen protector, glass screen protector

3. data cable: usb data cable, data transfer cable, iphone data cable, samsung data transfer cable, android data cable

4. laser screen splitter, laser Dismantling machine, Dismantling machine

5. Vacuum laminating machine:laminators ,laminating machine

We supply mobile phone repair products to a wide range of companies worldwide, from large multinational corporations to small repair shops.

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