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Function classification of mobile phone lines


Function classification of mobile phone lines

The mobile phone wire testing machine can test various parameters of the data mobile phone line: including, voltage, resistance, current, etc.! Of course, the transmission speed cannot be tested by a mobile phone wire testing machine, only other testing equipment can be used! The emergence of mobile phone wire testing machine has greatly facilitated us to eliminate the defective rate of data mobile phone lines, effectively reducing unnecessary troubles!

mobile phone line

It can only be used for GPRS or CDMA 1X to surf the Internet. Typical models: V730 series; V688 series; PHS series.

Brush mobile phone line

It can only be used to upgrade the brush machine. Typical model: BenQ S700; upgrade and unlock a mobile phone line.

sync phone line

It is used to transmit phonebook; picture ringtone; short message; multimedia data, etc. Of course, some of them are two-way transmission, and some only support one-way transmission. This type of data cell phone line is more common.

charging mobile phone cable

Generally, it is an Internet mobile phone line or a synchronous mobile phone line plus a USB charging function, which is more practical and convenient, and is a necessary function for surfing the Internet and sending short messages in groups. It can also be subdivided into two types: with charging and with a charging switch. The former charges as soon as it is plugged in, and the latter has a small switch to control whether to charge. Of course, the grade with charging switch is the highest, and the price is more expensive. Recommended type: CDMA Internet access series; Siemens 3508 series.

Multifunctional mobile phone line

At the same time, it supports 2 or more functions such as Internet access, synchronization, flashing, and charging. The newly launched Samsung mobile phone line is also equipped with dual interfaces, USB synchronous Internet access; serial port flashing.

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