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How to Repair Your Phone Screen

The screen of my phone is broken, can I replace it myself? Let’s take a look at the following steps to change the screen. Computer Tips. For a mobile phone that is thousands of dollars larger, it is inevitable that sometimes the screen will be damaged accidentally or by a child. Only one outer screen and one layer of glass will be damaged. There is no need to change the mobile phone. , The screen is divided into an outer screen and an inner screen, the outer is the outermost layer of protective glass, and the inner screen is the touch LCD screen displayed inside. The screen of my phone is broken, can I replace it myself? The answer is yes. If the internal screen is broken, it is recommended that non-professionals or those with strong hands-on skills not to replace it by themselves. Here are the steps to replace the external screen:
The first step: buy a glass screen of your mobile phone model, of course there are good and bad, but the difference is not very big.
Step 2: Get the tools ready and turn off the phone.
Step 3: Heat up the phone with a blower to better separate the screen.
Step 4: Gently scrape a small gap on the glass screen with a tool, and separate the glass from this small gap with a separating wire. Clean up the rest of the slag and excess glue residue

Step 5: Apply the configured glue evenly, and stick the screen perfectly. After cleaning it, it will be a brand new mobile phone.

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