About Us

Our History

After more than ten years of experience in the cellphones industry, we have many distinctive and excellent electronic products produced in China and rich industry experience. In 2022, Manjia Trading Firm in Huli District, Xiamen City was established. The company focuses on providing high-quality cellphones repair industry Mobile phone accessories, mobile phone repair tools, cellphones repair equipment, professional product selection and quality control, to ensure the best quality of each product, to help cellphones repair workshops complete cellphones repairs as quickly and best as possible. At present, we are serving customers from all over the world Provide perfect sales service, support the trial of the minimum order quantity, and all products are shipped to customers in every country by the most efficient air transportation. When buying cellphones accessories and repair cellphones equipment, you must choose ManJia

Our Factory

Professional mobile phone repair equipment manufacturer

Our equipment production factory is a high-tech factory specializing in providing cellphone screen repair equipment and technology. The main products include vacuum laminating machine, vacuum separator, laser screen dismantling machine, laser marking machine, ultra-low temperature dismantling screen refrigerator, etc., serving more than 100,000 customers. Relying on the company's R & D advantages and the enterprise spirit of persistence, tenacity, pioneering and innovation, after years of rapid development, the products have covered many countries and regions. . All products of our company have passed the EU CE and US FCC certification and acceptance, which proves that the equipment fully complies with international export standards, quality assurance, and safety assurance. And has applied for a number of utility model patents. These devices have become one of the most influential machines in the cellphone LCD screen repair equipment industry at home and abroad.

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