Cell Phone LCD Screen for Infinix X687

Cell Phone LCD Screen for Infinix X687

Objects are basically the same as models. Phone Screen Infinix X687 Assembly, Replacement Touch Screen Not Working or Cracked. Manjia is a professional Cell Phone LCD Screen for Infinix X687 Repair lcd replacement accessories and equipment supplier in China. A one-stop supplier to support your cell phone repair business. We mainly provide OEM/ODM services and wholesales of cell phone LCD screens, data cables, cell phone screen protective films, OCA laminating machines, laser separation machines and various cell phone repair tools and equipment.

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Product Description

China cell phone LCD Screen for Infinix X687 repair Factory

M+ company is China wholesale high quality Infinix X687 lcd monitor oem touch digitizer spare parts component replacement supplier, we make cell phone repair more efficient and convenient. M+ company provides a variety of cell phone screens for Infinix LCD screen replacement, supports small batch orders, fast delivery, and more favorable prices for all Infinix LCD screens.

So, when you saw this webpage, you met a Chinese company that specializes in providing mobile phone parts. M+ company can provide all models of mobile phone screens for mobile phone repairs you want to purchase, including repairing iPhones for various models of mobile phones. The mobile phone screens required, including the mobile phone screens required for repairing various types of Infinix mobile phones, including the mobile phone screens required for repairing various models of Huawei mobile phones, the mobile phone screens required for repairing various types of Xiaomi mobile phones, and repairing various types of oppo phones Mobile phone screens required for various models of mobile phones, mobile phone screens required for repairing various models of vivo mobile phones, mobile phone screens required for repairing various models of ZTE mobile phones. Mobile phone screens required for repairing INFINIX types of mobile phones.

Regarding the mobile phone screens required for the repair of various models of Infinix mobile phones, we can provide the mobile phone screens required for the repair of the following models of mobile phones at the source price of the Chinese factory. Welcome to wholesale consultation:

Camon 11 Camon 11S Camon 11pro Camon 12
Camon 12air Camon 12pro Camon 15 Camon 15air
Camon 15pro Camon 15prime Camon 16 Camon 16pro
Camon 16prime Camon 17 Camon 17pro Camon 17P
Camon 18 Camon 18P Camon 18prime Camon 19
Camon 19pro Camon 19pro 5G Camon 19neo Spark 2
Spark 3 Spark 4 Spark 4lite Spark 4air
Spark 5 Spark 5pro Spark 5air Spark 6
Spark 6air Spark 6go/KE5 Spark go Spark go 2022
Spark 6go 2022 Spark 7 64G Spark 7pro Spark 7P
Spark 7T/7 32G Spark 8 Spark 8C Spark 8T
Spark 8P Spark 8pro Spark 9 Spark 9pro/KH7N
Spark 9T Smart 3 Smart 3Plus Smart 4/4C
Smart 5 Smart 5pro Smart 6 Smart HD
Smart HD2021 Smart HD2022 Smart 6HD Smart 6plus
X551 X552 X557 X559
X571 X572 X573 X601
X603 X604 X606 X608
X609 X610 X612 X622
X624 X626 X627 X650
X652 X653 X655 X656
X657 X659 X660 X662
X665/X665C/X665B/X665E X663 X676C X670
X668C X672 X680 X682
X683 X687 X688 X689
X690 X692 X693 X695
X697 X698 X6511/X6511G/X6511C X6512
X6810 X6811 X6812 X6815
X6816 X6816C X6817 X6818
X6819 X6823 X6825 X6826/Hot 20
X6827 Hot 7 Hot 7pro Hot 8
Hot 8lite Hot 9 Hot 9pro Hot 9play
Hot 10 Hot 10lite Hot 10play Hot 10i
Hot 10s Hot 10t Hot 11 Hot 11play
Hot 11s Hot 12 Hot 12i Hot 12play
Hot 20 Hot 20i Hot 20pro Hot 20play
Note 7 Note 7lite Note 8 Note 8i
Note 10 Note 10pro Note 11 Note 11s
Note 11s NFC Note 11pro Note 12 Note 12VIP
Pop 1 Pop 1pro Pop 2 Pop 2F
Pop 2plus Pop 2power Pop 3 Pop 3plus
Pop 4 Pop 4lite Pop 4pro Pop 4air
Pop 5 Pop 5go Pop 5pro Pop 5lite
Pop 6/BE7 Pop 6pro/BE8 Pova Pova2
Pova3 Pova4 Pova neo Pova neo2/LG6N
Phantom9/AB7 Phantom X Zero8 Zero X/X6811
Zero Xpro/X6811 Zero Xone Zero X/Xpro Zero 5G
Zero 20/X6821/Pova4pro KC1 KC2 KC3
KG6/Spark8 KG7/Spark8P/8T/X662 KG8/Spark8pro KE6
LA7/Pouvoir3 LA6 LB6 LB7
LD7 LB8/CC9 LC6/Pouvoir3 air LC7/Pouvoir4/4pro/KD6
LC8 LE6 LE7/pova2 LG7N
CX CX air CA6 CA7
CE7/X682/X683/LD7 CE8/Camon16pro CE9 CG6/KF8
CG7/Camon17P CG8/X6810/Camon17pro CH6 CH7/CH7N
CH8 CH9/CH9N ci6 ci8
ci8n B1F/B1/B1C B1G B1P
BA2 BB2/P33 Plus BB4/X653 BC2
BD2 BD3/KF6P BD4/Pop5lite BD4J/KG5/Spark go 2022
AC8 A16 LCD A17 A25
A26 A27 A33 LCD A36
A37 A48 A49 A55
A56 A56pro A58 W661 S13
S16 S16pro S15 S15pro
S17 S32 S33 P15
P33 P33 Plus P37 P37pro
P36/P36pro P36play P32 P38
P38pro/Vision 3plus Vision 1 Vision 1plus Vision 1pro
Vision 2 Vision 2plus Vision 3 Vision 5/S18/S663L

Product inspection: mobile phone screen, 100% inspection of each mobile phone screen before shipment, to ensure that each Infinix X687 mobile phone screen is 100% working normally.

Order Shipping Process

process 1

1. Factory production

2. The first step of LCD detection: black spots, dark spots

3. The second process of LCD: backlight detection

4. Business team reception

process 2

1. Order assignment.

2. Test team.

3. The third process: blue light, fingerprint, backlight detection

4. The fourth process: touch sensitivity detection

process 3

1. Put the model stickers in the anti-static bag

2. Bubble bag

3. Inner box

4. Check the quantity and model before packing

5. Shipping 3-7 working days to reach your city

About the packaging process

100% safety detection, touch test, dark spot test

Sponge pad, washi tape, to prevent IC scratches.

You can customize your own LOGO to remind you

M+ is looking for partners in the mobile phone industry, wholesalers, traders and retailers of mobile phone screens worldwide.

Replacement for Infinix screen is used for Infinix mobile phone screen replacement

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