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What is the working principle of mobile phone LCD screen separators?

What is the working principle of mobile phone LCD screen separators?

With the rapid development of the smartphone industry, the development of the mobile phone repair industry is also increasing. Because the daily malfunctions of smartphones usually appear on the screen, such as scratches and broken screens. Maintenance personnel often use mobile phone LCD screen separators when repairing mobile phone screens. Among them, the mobile phone LCD screen separator is mainly used for the separation of LCD screens such as mobile phones and tablet computers. So do you know how the mobile phone LCD screen separators work?

working principle:
The principle is to fix the glass on the fixture and soften the conductive adhesive with temperature, and then use gold steel wire to automatically cut the upper and lower layers of glass to achieve the purpose of dismantling the screen. To put it simply, it is to make the screen slightly warm, and then adjust the thin steel wire to cut from the cover or touch it, and then put it in a glue remover to remove the glue, and then put a professional lotion to clean it.

Nowadays, many new smart phones are made of assemblies. Generally, they cannot be separated by hand without machine equipment, that is, the display screen and touch screen are connected together and cannot be separated. However, if there is a mobile phone LCD screen to separate The device can be easily done. The mobile phone LCD screen separator adopts instrument temperature control, adjustable cutting speed, convenient disassembly and assembly, simple and easy-to-understand operation, and the temperature on the working surface can be kept constant at your set temperature for a long time. It is the most ideal equipment in the capacitive screen repair market.